B2B Video Marketing Strategy: Meet the Maker by Horizon Beverage

By Rhen Wilson

The B2B world is seen as an industry filled with black suits and boardrooms. With Horizon Beverage’s “Meet the Maker” video series, we set out to tell a compelling B2B story through the eyes of the people the company impacts. See it for yourself.

As the content strategist and copywriter at Boston Interactive, I had the pleasure of working on the newly launched Horizon Beverage website (yes, you need to check it out; it’s beautiful) along with its video marketing strategy. If you’re familiar at all with the alcohol beverage business, you’ll know the law mandates a three-tier system.

It looks something like this:

Video Marketing Strategy - 3-Tier System

Image from loaddelivered.com

Horizon Beverage, a wholesale distributor since 1933, sits at the center of this system. For Horizon, Boston Interactive’s strategy aims to position the brand as the bridge between makers and sellers. Thus, my job as the content strategist is to demonstrate Horizon’s significance in the industry.

Meet the Maker: A Video Marketing Strategy

The “Meet the Maker” series profiles a single man or woman (as of this writing, our makers are all male, but stay tuned for future videos). Our job as the creative team was to uncover the passion behind these makers and bubble them up to the surface. We wanted to tell authentic stories in the makers’ own words.

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My role in the project involved fleshing out the video marketing strategy and creative concept with Boston Interactive’s Creative Director. I interviewed the makers and Horizon Beverage specialists and turned my notes into three scripts. I also worked with our partners from Tippingpoint Labs to develop the tone and style of the video. (I want to give the Tippingpoint Labs team a shout out here for their incredible work.)

The “Meet the Maker” series is meant to show why people do what they do, and how Horizon Beverage plays an integral part in that story.

We launched with three full videos, which I’ve embedded via Horizon Beverage’s YouTube channel below.

In future posts, I’ll write about how a strong video marketing strategy campaign is more than the video but the entire distribution strategy as well. I say this because while I’m extremely proud of these three videos, I am also proud of all the content and promotions that have sprung from this project.

Maker: Derek Luke, Newport Storm Beer


Maker: Jay Mofenson, Lookout Farm Hard Cider


Maker: Brent Ryan, Thomas Tew Rum

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